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Twenty Complete Antiquarian Books Scanned

 Rare & Valuable Volumes

 Antiquarian Books on Magic Tricks, Conjuring & 'Natural Magic and Phenomena'!
 A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to own digital copies of twenty very rare and valuable antiquarian books in this bargain book-scan
collection from Collectaprint.

 They have all been scanned and converted to Adobe format for easy reading using Adobe Reader on your computer screen. They come in a quick and convenient download with all the important illustrations intact.
   This bargain set of ancient volumes includes
all the following titles PLUS a wonderful bonus…

'Bits of Patter' 1915.

A rare and valuable resource. This item alone is worth many times the disc's purchase price!

A bound collection gathered from many famous magician acts detailing their complete programmes of tricks and the 'patter' they used while performing them.

Several different rare magician publications are bound together in this invaluable resource volume. Every Professional or aspiring amateur magician should have access to a copy.

This item alone is not to be missed  Total 658 Pages.


     Hocus Pocus or The Whole Art of Legerdemain in Perfection 1795. “Strange feats are herein taught by slight of
hand with which you may amuse yourself and friend, the like in
print was never seen before and so you'll say when once you've
read it o'er." 118 Pages.




Hocus Pocus Junior The Anatomie of Legerdemain 1635. "or, the art of 'jugling' set forth in his proper colours fully, plainly and exactly so that an ignorant person may thereby learn the full perfection of the same after a little practice.

Unto each trick is added the figure where it is needful for instruction." 80 pages overall.



       The Conjuror Unmasked 1790. The illustration shown here has a caption that reads:-
         "The professor of amusing philosophy who having burned a card
          taken at chance to ashes throws the pack in the air at which he
          fires a pistol and ye card is found nailed to the wall." A practical
          handbook of what to eat and how to cook it.” 161 pages.


 Physical Amusements and
 Diverting Experiments 1784.

 “Composed and performed in different
 capitals of Europe and in London by Signor
 Giuseppe Pinetti de Wildalle, Knight of the
 German Order of Merit of St Philip, Professor
 of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Pensioned by the Court of Prussia,
 patronised by all the Royal Family of France, aggregate of the Royal
 Academy of Sciences and Belles Letres of Bordeau, etc.
 83 Pages.


               Die Naturliche Magic 1789. Large
                           German text volume with 557 pages.



  Dictionnaire Encyclopadique
  des Amusemens des Sciences,
  Mathematiques et Physiques
894 Pages.


        The Humorous Magician Unmasked 1836. 114 Pages.
                           "a full explanation of the principal and most interesting
                                                             performances of legerdemain."


Neue Physikalische und Mathematische Belustigungen 1772. 695 pages.


                     Rational Recreations Vol.1 1783. 327 pages.

                     Rational Recreations Vol.2 1783. 346 pages.

                     Rational Recreations Vol.3 1783. 360 pages.

                     Rational Recreations Vol.4 1783. 422 pages.



 La Magie Blanche 1784. 166 pages.



                       Mathematical Recreations 1633. 342 pages.
          "or a collection of 'sundrie problemes' extracted out of the ancient
                             and moderne philosophers as secrets in nature."



 Natural Magic or Physical Amusements Revealed 1785.
58 pages. "The greatest pleasure we can enjoy after having been amused
 with Objects that excite our Curiosity is its Gratification."


            The Jugglers Oracle or The        Whole Art of Legerdemain Laid Open 1820. "Consisting of
all the newest and most surprising tricks and experiments," 104



 The New Conjuror's Magazine and Magical Museum Vol.1 1806. 82 pages.



           The Whole Art of Legerdeman or Hocus
           Pocus Laid Open and Explained 1830.

             78 Pages. "With full instructions how to perform the
             various tricks on cards, dice, birds, eggs, rings etc. as
             practised before their sublime majesties the Emperor
             and Empress of China."



   Verschiedenes zum Unterricht und zur Unterhaltung 1791.
408 Pages.


                  Ventriloquism, Jugglers Tricks and Legerdemain
                   Exposed 1834.
171 Pages.


FINALLY a last minute Extra Free Bonus has been included (making 22 books overall) purely for lovers of antiquarian books from the Nineteenth Century...
The Wonderful History of the Celebrated
     Friar Bacon, 1829
on the subject of "real"
magic performed by this gentleman.

 Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous material has also been carried out personally on all, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials and various associated overheads. It is now presented here in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations to be shown, as opposed to text only versions.  It consists of both private and publicly available material including a number of ex libris volumes.

The Adobe Reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site,
although it usually comes pre-installed as standard on most computers

Only £4.50 (Download - See Below).


 DOWNLOADS  are in the usual 'zipped' (compressed) form requiring unzipping upon receipt - a utility for this is usually already installed on most computers and simply requires double clicking on the file to select the unzip command, otherwise it's readily obtainable free on the internet. You will be quickly sent a secure Link for downloading the collection within just hours of your purchase, depending on your time zone. Try it - it's quick, reliable and convenient!

* Please note that a number of the old books scanned will naturally show signs of age, such as an occasional watermark or browning/fading and although readable with minor adjustments to the options provided with the software they may not be in as pristine a condition as may be expected from newer volumes. Therefore allowances should be made accordingly. Note too that with examples of the rarer antiquarian books such as some of those included here
a little text loss will be experienced in the margins due to the inability to fold the fragile pages.


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