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Paper Dolls 01

Paper Dolls 02

Paper Dolls 03

Paper Dolls 04

High Resolution Vintage Images Collection on Disc of...
All on one Computer Data DVD-Rom Disc


* Big Ready To Print Collection on one DVD-Rom
* Pre-Sized for all standard printers
* Various Resolutions up to 450dpi
* All types, all periods of paper dolls

* Hundreds of hours/years of fun!

This bargain-priced vintage paper dolls collection is only available from Collectaprint in this quality restored and enhanced-for-digital-printing version.

While much of the original material is in the public domain many of the images are from paper dolls in private collections. The scan images have been restored and especially enhanced for digital print making. Accordingly this collection is unique in many ways and may not be cloned, re-sold or distributed by copiers/imitators.

A Wide Range of Periods

The doll sets are supplied pre-sized physically for standard A4 printers but the majority are 300 dpi or more (up to 450dpi) high resolution a few less so there is great scope for many to be enlarged if you have a larger format printer. The actual clothes/dolls can be readily matched size-wise using plain paper before the final printing on quality photo paper, or thin card if preferred.

The collection is for computer use across a wide range of arts and graphics projects of all kinds, or simply for play-time pleasure. Examples from all early periods are included from Victorian onwards. A wonderful collection now also greatly expanded!

Not only that but a Bargain Price too!

Note to buyers. Although the original underlying material is mostly in the Public Domain due to its age - much material is also exclusive to us or are unique versions - this image collection is a unique offering compiled over much time (see above) and available only from Collectaprint. It may not be copied, re-sold or distributed. Intended for personal use only.

Paper Dolls 05 

Paper Dolls 06 

Paper Dolls 07

Paper Dolls 08

Paper Dolls 09

Paper Dolls 10

Paper Dolls 11

Paper Dolls 12
Avoid the usual poor-quality, copyright-breaking, amateur collections based on quantity - this vintage collection is for Print Making. Don't be fooled into buying lots of un-restored thumbnail-size images!

Treat Yourself to a Quality Collection & Have Fun!

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Disc. Hundreds to Print and Make!

Paper Dolls Disc Collection - Price Only 6.50 (approx. U.S.$ 10.00)
Inc. free s&h to any location, local or air mail.


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