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Discs /Downloads Resell Rights Opportunity:-
Start an Easy-to-Run Business
with our Exclusive Master Copies!

Duplicate Them to Make Your Own High Demand Retail Range - Never Buy Stock Again!!!

Whole Collections Scanned to Discs (or Download option) of Rare Vintage Books & Old Time Radio Shows - Hundreds Included For You To Start Copying/Selling!

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to join the booming 'EBook Resell Rights' market with none of the exhausting, time-consuming effort normally required in putting together collections. And all at an unheard of low price!

Perfect for an easily run home business, or a golden opportunity for Market Traders, Computer Fairs, Collector Fairs, Car Boot Sales, Indoor Markets, Web Sites, Download Sellers too, the list goes on! There are enough of these different types of show around to keep you as busy as you like, and with as much retail stock as you can fit on a stall there's enough different subject variety here to suit all types of customer.

With either (or both) of these Giant Packages you will receive enough Master Discs to operate a full-time retail business with a huge range of stock choices - each disc containing up to dozens of scanned books or  literally hundreds of radio shows for you to duplicate as needed and sell to your hearts' content at whatever prices you choose to set. Note this is strictly for retail only - you cannot duplicate any with the intention of offering onwards on a wholesale level to other interested sellers and do not have permission to grant reseller rights yourself. Each of these collections is unique to us in a number of ways and each of our buyers is entered into a database of legitimately authorised resellers.

Here are run-downs about the contents of each of two different packages available:-

1. Scanned Book Collection Resellers...Details Below.
2. Old Time Radio Packages...See Here

Note first these are real scans of the original vintage books (including many scarce and rare volumes) and not just simple text-only ‘e-books’ commonly offered by some other sellers and so they contain all the original illustrations too.

Additionally, all have been tidied up as far as possible by removing many of the major flaws sometimes found in rare antique volumes, such as tears, scribbles and ex-library marks, making them unique compilations superior to the majority now offered on the market. All, too, are volumes in the public domain so they can be sold commercially.

Why not browse some of the collections by following the links below to get an idea of each disc’s contents and conduct market research to gain an insight into various selling methods, prices etc across the various platforms on- and off-line. There are currently 50 different collections included in the book collections package, each comprising up to dozens of rare volumes. Note that the prices set throughout this web site are only arbitrary to make it economical to purchase a sample to examine if you wish.

Note these wholesale packages all come on DVD-Rom disc by default (downloads alternative available on request) and once transferred to your hard drive you can begin to make copies of your own disc/download collections or smaller groups for retailing - or even individual books instead if you wish.

Excellent Income Opportunity

You will note that retail pricing varies widely for similar collections from a few pounds (or Dollars) each up to around £17.oo or so by some sellers – there is no guideline offered by ourselves – and many of the sellers have built up an excellent income in this area often based on volume and variety. Some full-time 'Power Sellers' even market hundreds of different discs on-line. The more collections you offer the bigger the potential income. Pricing is entirely up to you the purchaser and may also be influenced on how professionally you wish to package your product (or not) and whether you want to be a 'premium' seller or cut-price.

Please see important notes below concerning the book collections and the important Terms – deemed accepted by making a purchase – for those wishing to sell any of the compilations commercially. Further instructions and some useful guidelines will also be included in each package.

The following selection of 50x Rare Book Collections are now available to choose from for a special 'Reseller' Package. Make up your own Reseller Package Deal/s from the list and go into business making and selling vintage books on disc or download (supplied to you by default on discs).
Click on the titles below to see full details of each...


Antiquarian Magic (20 Rare Volumes)
Creative Writing (32 Books)
Plumbing - (27 Books).
Greenhouses, Growing & Building (29 Books).
Heraldry (58 Books Scanned).
Practical Cooking (160 Vintage Books)
Vegetable Growing (32 Books Scanned).
Wales/Welsh (34 Historical Book Scans).
Embroidery/Sewing (36 Books Scanned).
Wine, Grape Vines, Viticulture (27 Books).
Fishing (33 Book Scans Collection).
Aquariums & Ponds (24 Book Scans).
Book Collecting (40 Book Scans).
Bicycle Touring
(35 Books)
Caldecott & Greenaway Illustrated Books (40)
Poisonous Plants (36 Book Scans)
Gambling (33 Book Scans)
Crochet (64 Scans)
England Illustrated Histories (2x Series)
Film Making, Hollywood History (60 Books)
Forestry, Trees, Woodland Management (45)
Garden Pests (54 Book Scans)
Gold Mining (65 Book Scans)
How to Draw (85 Book Scans)
Hypnotism (60 Book Scans)

Click on Any of these  Collection Titles to see details of the contents.



Dog Keeping/Breeding/Training.
Fruit Growing/Allotments (32 Books).
Golf/Golfing (30 Books Scanned to Disc).
Astrology/Fortune Telling (32 Books).
Fairy Tale Books (84 Volumes).
Horse/Equestrian Books (22 Scans).
Landscape Gardening/Design (39 Books).
William Shakespeare (Audio, Scans, Prints).
Sherlock Holmes (Audio, Scans, Prints).
Herbal & Botanical Medicine (29 Books).
Battles, Land & Sea (50 Book Scans)
Bible de Sacy, Illustrated, Engravings (12 Vols + Audio)
Irish Music (40 Book Scans)
Medals & Decorations (21 Book Scans)
Millinery (35 Books & 50 Prints)
House/Pot Plants, Indoor Gardening (44 Book Scans)
Public Speaking, Speech-Making (60 Books)
Rose Growing (67 Books + Bonus)
Spiritualism, Clairvoyance (50 Book Scans)
Garden Sundials (17 Book Scans)
Swimming. Diving (52 Book Scans)

Walter Crane Nouveau Illustrated Books (47 Books)
Wax Flower & Fruit Making (13 Books)
Wild West History (61 Books + Radio Shows)
WWI Illustrated Libraries (Three Illustrated Series)


Pricing? Simply buy a minimum of 10 Collections at one time from the list above at a total of only £25 for 10 (new low price) and you will also be granted resell rights along with the collections. Your name will be entered into our database as an authorised reseller for the collections purchased to help prevent illicit copying/reselling in the interests of all parties.
Be sure to notify us of your selections with payment or by email

UK Mail (Discs) £25.00 inclusive.

Air Mail (Discs) + £5.00 s&h - £30.00

Feeling Ambitious? Pay for 40 Collections on Disc (4 Packs
of 10 at £25 Each)  and we'll include the Remaining 10 Free!

Get All 50x Discs for
Only £100 including
Free Shipping Anywhere!

 Got a question? email info@timecamera.com subject, ebook resale package,

Important, Please Read:

Instructions, General Terms & General Usage Guidelines:

 1. All books contain a small, very faint watermark in a corner of the pages. This is not normally noticeable but allows us to monitor legitimate selling of Collectaprint collections to safeguard not only our own interests but also those of the legitimate resellers contained in our database. Additionally where a rare volume has a damaged front cover this may have been replaced from time to time by our own digital cover which may bear the name but no details. Customers are welcome to replace it with their own self-designed cover if they prefer and have .pdf editing software to hand.

2. If customers sell collections on-line they are expected to make up their own independent descriptions and listing layouts. As a Term of Use ours may be used as guidelines only and not copied directly. Neither may customers link directly to the illustrations or photos for the featured collections as used on this site or elsewhere although they are welcome to copy the book illustrations featured here (not logos or graphics) for use if uploaded to their own computers.

3. Usage permission is strictly for the retailing (not wholesale) of book collections individually and only of titles included in the packages actually purchased. Customers agree not to make up wholesale bundles of the collections or to offer them in a similar manner as ourselves or as a business opportunity. The wholesale collections offered here are only available from Collectaprint.

4. Customers agree where possible to ascertain legitimacy of their own customers with a view to preventing illicit copying of the collections by other, un-authorised re-sellers. Our legitimate re-seller customers may (if they wish) make use of a ‘Collectaprint Re-Seller’ logo featured Here - any size - to help avoid confusion and to promote easy identification of the registered sellers contained on our database. If intending to use the graphic please do not link to it but copy/upload it/

5. Purchasers should familiarise themselves with the volumes offered to field their own customer enquiries entirely. We are not in a position to offer customer services or e-mail responses for your own selling activities.

6. Customers are advised to decide their own business methods with regard to selling the discs, such as pricing and how they wish to package the discs, whether labelled or otherwise, with printed sleeves or without and so forth. We are unable to offer business advice on a one to one basis and are not in a position to provide computer instruction to beginners, such as methods of disc duplication, label printing etc.

7. The individual collection examples offered for sale on this site also contain user instructions for use of the books etc. This refers to our own sales of the collections in question and offers our own guidelines. Naturally purchasers of the wholesale bundles will wish to remove this file before making duplicates of the discs and may wish to replace it with their own user instructions instead.

8. Upon receipt of one or more of the packages, customers are advised to immediately transfer the contents to their hard drive and keep the discs as back-up. Then remove/replace the instruction files as above before making up their own ‘master discs’ to use for duplicating re-sale copies. Note all our collections come on DVD-Rom although several may fit onto a CD instead if you prefer using that media or to market material in smaller groups or individual book titles. Replacement of faulty discs are offered for a short while after sale as we are not in a position to monitor safe storage or correct use of vulnerable disc media.

9. As far as reasonably possible all book titles have been ascertained to be public domain but should any prove otherwise please advise us and they will be removed. Customers should also be flexible if approached in a similar manner.

10. Customers are advised to conduct their own market research and Collectaprint cannot be held responsible for any lack thereof. For example, eBay sellers will note that it is a requirement to list all titles offered in a sale along with dates where known to show the product is not in breach of copyright. A statement to this effect is also commonly used by sellers. Failure to follow good practice may have consequences which naturally Collectaprint cannot be held liable for.

Note, much of the above is informally advisory or guideline in nature, others parts are intended more specifically as 'Terms' where outlined in that manner and customers purchasing these packages are deemed to have read and accepted the Terms as a condition of purchase. It should be noted in particular that in the absence of a more formal agreement that these book compilations are substantially improved offerings over the original public domain material and therefore copyright of them rests with Collectaprint as our proprietary product and they are  protected thereby by Copyright Law in its entirety.

* LIMITED NUMBERS:- Licensed Re-Sellers will be limited in number
to only 100 active worldwide and accordingly the offer is subject
to withdrawal without prior notice. Will you be among them?

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