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 Cage Birds & Fancy Pigeons -
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 Hundreds of fascinating insights on many different breeds, together with hosts of hard earned hints and tips - now combined together in a unique and convenient rare book collection!

   Learn from the experts how to properly care for your cage/aviary birds and pigeons. Many hours of fascinating reading offered at a truly affordable price! This wonderful set of books includes?/font>

1.      Aviaries, Bird Rooms & Cages - Their Construction & Furnishing. By H. Norman, fully illustrated, 117 pages.

  2.  Bird Keeping, A Practical Guide for the Management of Singing and Cage
By C. E. Dyson c1878. 317 pages, with woodcuts and coloured plates.

  3.  The Flying Tippler & Tumbler Pigeon, by G. Smith. How to Breed, Rear & Train the
         Macclesfield Tippler and the High Flying Tumbler Pigeon. c1886, 66

  4.  British Birds For Cages & Aviaries, by W. T. Greene
         c1899. ‘A handbook Relating to All British Birds Which May Be
         Kept in Confinement'. 270 pages.

  5.  Cage & Chamber Birds, Their Natural History,
       Habits, Food, Diseases, Management and Modes of
By J. M. Bechstein M.D., c1885, 605 pages.

  6.  Canaries & Cage Birds, The Food, Care, Breeding, Diseases
         and Treatment of All House Birds, Birds for Pleasure and for Profit. By George Holden c1888,
         344 pages.

  7.  Fancy Pigeons, by J. C. Lyell, c1887, 536 pages. Contains ?Full Directions for their
         Breeding and Management, with Descriptions of Every Known Variety and All Other
         Information of Interest or use to Pigeon Fanciers.

  8.  Favourite Foreign Birds for Cages and Aviaries.. By W. T. Greene, c1891,

  9.  Foreign Birds for Cage And Aviary (Volume 1 ?The Smaller Foreign Birds).
         By A. G. Butler, 213-pages.

  10. Foreign Birds for Cage And Aviary (Volume 2 ?The Larger Foreign Birds).
         313 pages.

  11. Foreign Finches In Captivity by Arthur G. Butler, c1899. 461 pages, profusely
          illustrated with attractive colour plates.

  12. Holden’s New Book On Birds, c1903. ‘Keep Your Birds in Health, The Food, Care,
          Breeding, Diseases and Treatment of House Birds.?139-pages.

  13. Indian Pigeons & Doves by E. C. Stuart Baker, c1913, 340-pages.With 27 very
          attractive colour plates.

  14. Pigeons & All About Them, by F. M. Gilbert c1898, 267 pages.

  15. Pleasures Of A Pigeon Fancier, Rev. J. Lucas c1886,
         184 pages.

  16. Song Birds & How To Keep Them. By E. A. Maling
          c1862, 177-pages.

  17. Sweet Songsters of Britain,‘With Hints for the Rearing
          and Management of Cage Birds?  By H. G. Adams c1800s.
          307 pages.

  18. The American Bird Fancier, Considered with reference
          to the Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, management and
          Peculiarities of Cage and House Birds, with Remarks on their
          Diseases and Remedies, Drawn from Authentic Sources and Personal Observation. By D. J.
          Browne, c1850, 116 pages.

  19. The Book Of Cage Birds, by Henry B. Hirst c1843, 296 pages.

  20. The Canary, Its Varieties, Breeding & Management. By Rev. Francis Smith,
          c1878, 190 pages.

  21. The Canary Book, ‘Containing Full Directions for the Breeding, Rearing and Management
          of Canaries and Canary Mules; Cage Making etc; Formation of Canary Socieites; Exhibition
          Canaries, their Points and how to Breed and Exhibit Them, and all other matters connected with
          their Fancy.?By Robert L. Wallace c1904, 494 pages.

  22. The Dovecot and the Aviary ‘Being Sketches of the Natural History of Pigeons and
          Other Domestic Birds in a Captive State, with Hints for their Management? By Rev. E. S.
          Dixon M.A., 482 pages.

  23. The Natural History of Cage Birds, ?Their Management, Habits, Food, Diseases,
          Treatment, Breeding and the Methods of Catching Them.?By J. M. Bechstein, M.D., c1812,
          324 pages.

  24. ‘The Practical Pigeon Keeper?/b> by Lewis Wright, 244 pages.


Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous material has also been carried out personally, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus various associated overheads including fees.

 It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations and photos to be shown as opposed to the text only versions often available. The Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed as standard on most computers.

Overall, a great collection at a low price that certainly isn't going to break you, so go right ahead and
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