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 Hundreds of magic tricks, illusions, sleights of hand and mysterious prestidigitations now combined together in a unique and convenient collection!

   Learn from the famous old master illusionists how to amuse and mystify your friends and relations. Many, many hours of fascinating reading offered here at an incredible bargain price! Each book can be read individually on your computer screen and at your leisure.

 This fascinating and now much expanded collection of rare magic books includes….

1. Bits of Patter 1915. Extremely valuable resource being a bound collection gathered from
     many famous magician acts detailing their complete programmes and the patter they used for the
     performance of a large number of tricks and illusions. Several different publications bound together
     in this invaluable volume. This alone is not to be missed!
658 Pages.

2. Conjuring for Amateurs. c1901. A Practical Treatise on How to Perform Modern Tricks.
     By Prof. Ellis Stanyon, 133 Pages. Principals of Sleight of Hand, Tricks with Balls, Coins,
     Handkerchiefs, Hat Tricks, Anti Spiritualistic Tricks, Misc tricks and Paper Folding.

3. Indian Conjuring. by Major Branson, 127 Pages. Many Fakir tricks from that country,
     including a section on ‘The Indian Rope Trick’.

4. Magical Suggestions 1921, Harry Latour, 51 pages with numerous illustrations.

5. Magic No Mystery – a big book of 335 pages with conjuring tricks, with cards balls and dice,
     magic writing, performing animals etc, sleight of hand and mechanisms, featuring numerous

6. Magic Up To Date. (W. H. J. Shaw), 111 small print pages with illustrations
    explaining a host of magic tricks and mysteries.

7. New Era Card Tricks. (Roterberg) c1897,  290 pages with 204
     illustrations. Explaining everything from sleight of hand to rigged decks.

8. On The Other Side Of The Footlights. An expose of Routines,
     Apparatus and Deceptions resorted to by Mediums, Clairvoyants,
     Fortune Tellers and Crystal Gazers. 124 pages of fascinating reading.
     Dedicated to Harry Kellar, published by the Heaney Magic Company.

9. Peerless Prestidigitation, Being A Collection of Entirely New Ideas
     and Effects in the Fascinating Art of Modern Magic. 1910, 39 pages,
     by Herbert De Caston, Assisted by the 'Leading South African Magicians'.

10. Practical Mind Reading. c1907 a course of lessons on thought transference, telepathy,
       mental currents, mental rapport etc ‘capable of being understood, mastered and demonstrated by
       any person of average intelligence.’  101 pages.

11. Sealed Mysteries. c1911, 34 small typeface pages ‘Explaining the
       Latest Card Mysteries, and Spirit Tricks Made Public for the First Time
       with Directions for Constructing Trick cards.’ By Burling Hull.

12. The Great Mysteries, Now Revealed for the First Time by
       ‘Oudini’. How to  escape from handcuffs, iron boiler, mail bag, glass
        case, iron box, coffin, packing case, straightjacket and many more with
        diagrams and illustrations. 85 pages, c1909.

13. ‘Sleights’ – 31 pages, c1914 - 'A Number of Incidental Effects,
       Tricks, Sleights, Moves and Passes For Purposes Ranging From Impromptu to
       Platform Performances.' Fully Illustrated.

14. Some Modern Conjuring. 'A Series of Original Experiments in the Magic Art'. 1909, 89
       pages, by Donald Holmes, featuring hosts of various magic tricks and conjuring techniques.

15. Thirty Seven Effective After-Dinner Tricks and How To Perform Them. 35
       small typeface pages, illustrated.

16. Up His Sleeve. by Charles Waller, 1920, 92 pages, illustrated. 'An
       original creation for magicians hitherto kept up his sleeve.' "…Here is
       Real Magic", claims the intro, …"something which would appeal to
       every entertainer in search of new and workable material."

17. Magical Revelations. 'A Book of Exceptional Magic'. 79 Pages.

18. Houdini - The Adventurous Life of a Versatile Artist

19. Different Magic. A collection of various tricks. Unknown origin or date. 21 pages.

20. Fifty Years In The Magic Circle 1871. By Signor Blitz. “An account of the author’s
       professional life; his wonderful tricks and feats, with laughable incidents and adventures as a
       magician, necromancer, and ventriloquist.” 485 pages.

21. Hindu Magic. 1913. An expose. 51 pages.

22. Magic, 1910. “In which are given clear and concise
       explanations of all the well-known illusions as well as many new
       ones.” 258 pages.

23. Magic, 1897. “Stage illusions and scientific diversions
       including trick photography.” 578 pages.

24. Miscellaneous Handkerchief Tricks 1921. 43 pages.

25. New And Original Magic, 1922. “Comprising a number
       of novel and entertaining effects. A fund of information for the
       professional artist and his younger brother the amateur.” 208 pages.

26. Trix & Chatter 1921. Novelty seriocomic magicologue in three acts and finale. 292 pages.

27. Practical Conjuring. 29 pages.

28. Stage Illusions. 123 pages.

29. The Art Of Magic. 1909. 364 pages.

30. The Magic Art. 1920. 240 pages.

31. The Magician’s Own Book 1862. “Or the whole art of conjuring
       being a complete hand book of parlour magic with over 1,000 covered.”
       394 pages.

32. The Old And The New Magic. 1906. 391 pages.

33. Card Sharpers by Robert Houdin, 1891, 292 pages "...Their tricks exposed or the art of
       always winning."

34. Chymical, Natural & Physical Magic. 1858, 252 pages.

35. Endless Amusement, "Collection of nearly 400 entertaining experiments", 1889, 220 pages.

36. Leaves From Conjurers' Scrap Books "or Modern Magicians and their works" 1891,
       281 pages.

37. Memoirs of Robert Houdin 1860, 379 pages.

38. Parlour Magic. 1888, 211 pages.

39. The Sociable or 1,001 Home Amusements. 1858, 391 pages.

40. A Magician's Tour, Being the life and adventures of Harry Kellar, 1891, 374 pages.

41. Annual of Home Amusements, with advertisements 1871, 64 pages.

42. Handbook Of Games & Pastimes. c1887, 103 pages.

43. Latest Magic, "being original conjuring tricks", c1918, 242 pages.

44. Lorento's Wizard's Guide, or Magic Made Easy, c1878, 44

45. The Art of Amusing includes parlour magic c1866, 343 pages.

46. Herrmann's Wizards Manual 1916 162 pages.

47. The Practical Magician and Ventriloquists Guide 1876 115 pages.

48. The Expert at the Card Table, a Treatise 1905 230 pages, many illustrations.

49. Card Tricks & The Way They Are Performed. (S.I. Stebbins, of Barnum & Bailey
       fame). A Promotional Booklet produced for Cinco Cigars, 17 pages.

...PLUS many more similar magic titles for a total of 58!

 Note to buyers. Although the underlying individual book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous material has been carried out personally, making this a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus expenses.

 It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the essential illustrations and photos to be shown as opposed to the text only versions sometimes offered for download. The Adobe reader is free from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed on most computers. This collection includes both privately-owned material plus ex libris volumes.



Make your own posters with this high res. 300dpi restored image of Kellar. Supplied as a unique 12 x 8 inch physical size digital image of over 50mb it can be re-sized as desired.

 The original image is public domain being from the late 1800's but this much improved restored version is exclusive to Collectaprint and may not be copied for gain. Use it for making great prints to frame.


Overall, a great collection at a price that isn't going to
break anyone, so go right ahead and simply Treat Yourself!

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* Please note that a number of the old books scanned will naturally show signs of age, such as an occasional watermark or browning/fading
 and although readable with minor adjustments to the options provided with the software they may not be in as pristine a condition
as can be expected from newer volumes. Therefore allowances should be made accordingly.


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