Now Fifty-Two Rare, Complete Antique Merchandise Catalogues
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Thousands of different items from years gone by,
- fully illustrated and priced.

 A wide range of merchandise for both the consumer and trade buyer featured -  everything in fact from bicycles to locomotives, clothes to carriages, giftware, hardware etc, etc.

All combined together on a great handy info-packed and newly expanded Download (formerly on DVD) in a convenient Adobe Reader format suitable for all systems. Many hours of fascinating reading (each volume can be read individually at your leisure) and offered here at an affordable price.

 This wonderful set of rare vintage manufacturer's catalogues includes the following historic rarities…

1.      British Standard Exporter Series c1924 – Motor Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motor Cycles and Sidecars, Cycles, Garage Equipment, Accessories, Tyres, and much more. 264 richly illustrated pages.

  2.  Eaton Fall & Winter Catalogue 1889 – 1900.. 277 pages, fully illustrated. Clothes,
         Everything for the Home, Furniture, Baby Carriages. A wealth of items illustrated and priced.

  3.  Gurney Standard Stoves 1892 152 pages – Stoves, Ranges, Charcoal Broilers, Hollow-
         ware, Hot Water Heaters, Radiators, Furnaces, Ovens and much more.

  4.  Eaton Department Store Catalogue 1894 184 pages. Everything from Victorian
        Clothes to Window Shades. Fully illustrated.

  5.  Diamond Hall Jewellery Catalogue Jewellery, Watches,
        Clocks, Giftware, Picture Frames, Toilet Ware, Presentation Cased
        Sets, Kitchenware. c1800,s 140 pages.

  6.  Goshen Buggy Top Company Catalogue and Net Price List
         1915. Automobile and buggy tops and repairs.

  7.  Harpham Brothers Co. Catalogue of Saddlery Accessories.
         Everything for the horse, 147 pages.

  8.  Hartmann & Braun Electrical Measuring Instruments c1894, 172 pages.

  9.  Hyslop Bicycles and Accessories 1922, 102 pages. Complete range of bicycles and
         accessories, fully illustrated and priced for the trade.

  10. John Friedrich & Bro String Instruments, Bows, Cases, Strings etc. c1917, 42 pages.

  11. Jones Brothers Barbers Supplies and Furniture c1924, 84 pages, fully illustrated.

  12. Keith’s Seeds Catalogue 1920, 58 pages.

  13. Krug Brothers Illustrated Catalogue 1894 – Furniture and
          Prices, 90 pages.

  14. Krug Furniture Catalogue 1913, 86 pages.

  15. Toronto Laundry Machinery Catalogue 1912 fully illustrated, 240 pages.

  16. Louden Machinery Co Hay Unloading Tools and Litter and Feed
         Carriers, Dairy Barn Equipment, Horse Stable Equipment and Hardware
         Accessories. 52 pages.

  17. Majestic Range Catalogue and Cook Book. Wood and Coal
          Ranges for Hotels, Restaurants and Families, Gas Ranges, Charcoal
          Broilers, Steam Tables, Laundry Stoves, Water Heaters. 100 pages.

  18. Massey Harries Catalogue of High Grade Farm Machinery, c1916. A whole host of farm
        equipment illustrated in 110 pages.

  19. Mawson & Swan Philosophical Instruments
 Chemical and Photographic Apparatus, Electrical and
          Galvanic Apparatus. 55 pages.

  20. Milton Pressed Brick Co Fireplaces, The Hearth, The
          Fireside, The Inglenook, The Chimney Corner. Fully
          illustrated, 68 pages.

  21. Newman & Co. Physical Instruments Catalogue No.10, 189 pages of instruments related to
          acoustics, optics, heat, magnetism, electricity, meteorology and the ‘theory of

  22. Ranno Saddlery Co Illustrated Catalogue Number Seven. Hosts of
          harnesses illustrated in 125 pages.

  23. Rennies Seed Annual 1916, 108 pages.

  24. Rice Lewis & Son Bicycle Accessories c1900. Fully illustrated, 100 pages.

  25. Rock Island Plow Co. Implements. Manufacturers of Farm Machinery – 291 pages richly
          illustrated with farm equipment, from ploughs to all forms of

  26. Seattle Car Foundry Co. – Designers and Builders of
          Railroad and Logging Equipment. 1913 catalogue, 80 pages.

  27. Simpson Fashions 1918-19 359 richly-illustrated pages.

  28. The Ohio Carriage Mfg Co – Split Hickory Vehicles, 1912, buggies galore illustrated in
          178 pages.

  29. United Watch & Jewelry Co 1911. Silverware, Holiday Gifts, Leather Bags, Jewellery
          in gold, gold-filled and silver. 68 pages.

  30. Walter Woods c1883 Brooms, Wood and Willow Ware, Grocers’ Sundries etc, 63 pages.

  31. Watertown Carriage Co Carriage Builders. 1870 Catalogue of carriages illustrated in 83

  32. Catalogue Des Appareils D’Acoustique (Acoustic
          Devices), c1889, 109 pages.

  33. American Tire Co, 1889 – Tires, Gas Lamps, Bells and
          associated Bicycle Equipment. 52 pages.

  34. Baldwin Locomotive Works Illustrated Catalogue c1872.
          Railway Locomotives. 123 pages.

  35. Bowes Jamieson & Co. – Descriptive Catalogue and Price List of Cook Stoves, Ranges,
          Art Garland Base Burners , Hollow-ware etc. c1886, 59 pages.

  36. Catalogue of Physical Instruments (L.E.Knott Apparatus Co) 1912, 533 pages.

  37. Charles Chevalier Catalogue of Instruments (marine,
          mathematical, geography) c1860, 60 pages.

  38. The McLary Mfg. Co. Enamelled and Tin-ware Catalogue 1903, 288

  39. Emmons Hawkins Special Harnesses. 1910. ‘Hardware, tools,
         stoves. household goods, cutlery, guns, ammunition, contractors and
         blacksmith supplies, building materials etc.’ 69-pages.

  40. Canada Cycle & Motor Co. c1918, wholesale bicycle accessories, 85 pages.

  41. George Parker & Sons. Saddlery and harness makers. 34-pages.

  42. Gordon Mackay. Dry goods, ladies wear, men’s
          furnishings, fancy goods, carpets. 280-pages.

  43. Grange Wholesale Supply. Farm implements,
          boots and shoes, food and general merchandise.

  44. J. G. Braun. 1922. Various ornaments used on
          lamps and lighting fixtures, plus room lighting. 22-pages.

  45. Powell & Douglas. 1886. Hunting, fishing and
         pleasure boats and fittings. 36-pages.

  46. Whaley Royce Band Instruments, 1907.
Includes both musical instruments and band
          member uniforms.
116 pages.

  47. Treasure Stoves & Ranges 1909. 128

  48. T. Cooke Surveying Instruments, 1907.
96 pages.

  49. Robertson Pumps, 1885. 71 pages.

  50. McFarlane Watches. 32 pages.

  51. McAvity Plumbing & Heating. 414 pages.

  52. Cooper’s Machine & Needle Works. Knitting machines. 32

 Note to buyers. Although the underlying catalogue material is now in the public domain due to their age, much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous material has also been carried out personally, making this set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials and overheads.

 It is presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations and photos to be shown, as opposed to the text only versions often available. The Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed as standard on most computers.


Overall, a great collection at a low price that isn't going to break you. It's fascinating reading so go right ahead and simply Treat Yourself!


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