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Scans of Prints & Rare Books on the subject of
Turn of the Last Century Period Design &


Big Period Design Books Collection (19 Full Book Scans)
* Great Selection of Restored 10x7in Art Nouveau Prints
* Bonus High Resolution 400dpi Nouveau Scans
If you're an art nouveau fan this is the collection for you - and
if you're an artist or art student the books are essential reading!

1. The Books ...

THESE are the 19 Books making up the mainstay of the offer. All are full scans complete with all illustrations. They are in .pdf format for reading on a computer using Adobe Reader, which comes as standard usually (or is downloadable free).

1. Combinaisons Ornementailes. This richly illustrated book features numerous art nouveau colour plates (see examples right).

2. Book Of Studies in Plant Form & Design. One of the elements of Art Nouveau are flowing plant-like elements. This c1896, 148 page, book makes essential reading.

3. Decorative Design, c1915, 89-pages. Richly illustrated, as are all the books offered in this collection.

4. Design & Representation. This 132 page ex libris volume is from 1910. Fully illustrated.

5. Design In Theory & Practice. c1910, and featuring some 440 instructive pages.

6. Ideals In Art. c1905, 308-pages, 'Collected papers, theoretical, practical, critical.'

7. Industrial Arts Design. c1916, 265-pages. 'A textbook of practical methods for students, teachers and craftsmen.'

8. Line & Form. by Walter Crane, c1914 and covering over 300 pages. Illustrated.

9. Modern Decorative Art, c1910 and including some highly detailed colour illustrations.

10. Modern Design In Jewellery & Fans. c1902, 226-pages. As expected from the period this richly illustrated books features many examples of Art Nouveau designs.

11. Modern Practical Design. c1912, 265-pages with many illustrations.

12. Nature Drawing & Design. c1904, 66-pages, illustrated.

13. Nature In Ornament, c1902. Heavy on art nouveau this is one of the larger books at some 530-odd pages.

14. Pattern Design c1903, 319-pages. 'A book for students treating in a practical way of the anatomy, planning and evolution of repeated ornament.'

15. Principles of Decorative Design, 186-pages, illustrated.

16. Progressive Design For Students, c1902, 153-pages.

17. Strong's Book Of Designs. c1917, 190-pages. A heavily illustrated book rich in art nouveau designs.

18. Theory & Practice of Design, c1894, 239-pages, ex-libris, 'An advanced textbook on decorative art.'

19. The Principles of Design, 1904. 244-pages.

The texts are presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems and which allows each volume to be read individually and at leisure. This format also allows for all the essential illustrations to be shown in their full size, in-situ, as opposed to the text-only versions sometimes offered. Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed anyway as standard on most computers.

2. The Prints Bonus ...

Twenty good sized (10x7inch approx) art nouveau prints are included for your personal use and each has been restored and enhanced for making prints. A few (much smaller) examples are shown here. Not to be missed!



3. Very High Res. Bonus Book Plate Scans...

To save you trying to extract some of the best images yourself we have also included 400dpi very high resolution full-size scans from the book 'Combinaisons Ornementailes'

See a few much smaller size examples here.

These actual scans are approximately 9 inches along the longest edge.

There are 58 of these high resolution art nouveau scans which can be enlarged to bumper size if desired.

Note to buyers. Although the underlying material is mostly in the Public Domain due to its age or distribution rights (some material is also exclusive to us) additional editing of damaged material, or other improvements, have been carried out making this varied set a unique offering available only from Collectaprint in this format.

 It is provided at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus various associated overheads & fees.


 DOWNLOADS  are in the usual 'zipped' (compressed) form requiring unzipping upon receipt - a utility for this is usually already installed on most computers and simply requires double clicking on the file to select the unzip command, otherwise it's readily obtainable free on the internet. You will be quickly sent a secure Link for downloading the collection within just hours of your purchase, depending on your time zone. Try it - it's quick, reliable and convenient!

Price Only 4.50 Download (Details Above)

* Please note that a number of the old books scanned will naturally show signs of age, such as an occasional watermark
or browning/fading and although readable with minor adjustments to the options provided with the software they will
not be in as pristine a condition as newer volumes. Therefore allowances should be made accordingly.

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