The Giant Vintage Disc Collection of...
Pulp Magazine/Comic Covers!
All on one Data DVD Disc

* Big 4,000 Images Collection on DVD
* Many High Res. Print-Making Images
* Divided into Sections
* Many Exclusively Restored & Enhanced

* Ideal for Hundreds of Arts, Crafts
   & Graphics Project Uses!


This great, bargain-priced pulp comic/magazine covers collection
is only available from Collectaprint and includes many images not usually found anywhere else.

While much of the original material is in the public domain approx one third of our collection has been generously licensed for inclusion in this collection for our customers' personal use.


A Wide Range Of Possible Uses

The collection is for personal use across a wide range of arts and graphics projects of all kinds, or simply for your viewing pleasure. Examples from all early periods are included. A wonderfully nostalgic collection of vintage pulp covers and a real treat for the eyes...

Not only that but it comes at a bargain price too!

Note to buyers. Although the underlying material is mostly in the Public Domain due to its age or distribution rights (much material is also exclusive to us or are unique versions) this image collection is a unique offering compiled over much time - and available only from Collectaprint. Accordingly it may not be copied, re-sold or otherwise distributed and is licensed for personal use only.




A wonderful collection at a low price - Treat Yourself!

* NO resale or distribution rights are included with this purchase. This unique
collection on DVD disc may not be copied, distributed or resold commercially.

Price Only 5.95 inc. FREE s&h to any location, local or air mail.



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