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Hints, Tips & Techniques, plus valuable inside info on cost-free living and making a small piece of land profitable - in fact everything you will need to know is fully revealed by the already 'been there and done that' self sufficiency experts!

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 Hundreds of fascinating insights on many different keeping / breeding / rearing / growing topics together with hosts of hard earned hints and tips on animal disease treatments - now combined together in a unique downloadable rare book collection!

   Learn from the experts of old how to get the most from your land, whether for personal use or on a commercial level. Many hours of fascinating reading from books published on both sides of the Atlantic but useful to both and now offered at a truly affordable price! This wonderful newly expanded set of highly useful books includes…

1.      The Book of The Goat. ‘Containing full particulars of the various breeds of goats and their profitable management’. Illustrated. 374 pages, c1909.

  2.  Commercial Rabbit Raising. Everything covered here, from the
         various breeds and their selection to feeding, breeding, housing, care and
         management, through to fur, meat production and marketing. 75 pages.

  3.  Edible Wild Plants. Illustrated, 356 pages.

  4.  Edible & Poisonous Mushrooms. What to eat and what to avoid, with 18 antique
         coloured plates illustrating 48 species. 178 pages, c1894.

  5.  Farming For Profit – Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers.  ‘A non-technical manual for their
         culture, management and improvement’. 284 pages, illustrated, 1918.

  6.  Five Acres Too Much. ‘A truthful elucidation of the attractions of the country, and a careful
        consideration of the question of profit and loss as involved in amateur farming, with much valuable
        advice and instruction to those about purchasing large or small places in the rural districts. 318
        pages, c1885.

  7.  Fish Farming For Pleasure & Profit. 180 pages, c1903, illustrated.

  8.  Fruit Farming For Profit. ‘A practical treatise embracing chapters on all the most
         profitable fruits, with detailed instructions for successful commercial culture
         on the Kent System.’ 258-pages, c1911, illustrated.

  9.  Game Farming for Profit & Pleasure.'A manual on the wild
         turkeys, grouse, quail or partridges, wild ducks, and the introduced
         pheasants and gray partridges; with special reference to their food, habits,
         control of natural enemies and the best methods of preserving and breeding
         including also an appendix on powder, leads etc.’ 67 pages, illustrated,

  10. Gardening For Profit. A guide to the successful cultivation of the market and family
          garden.’ Illustrated, 261-pages, c1867.

  11. Growing Tomatoes For Early Market. Illustrated, 50-pages, c1910.

  12. Home & Farm Food Preservation. 307-pages, c1918.

  13. Home Freezing of Vegetables, Fruits, Prepared Foods. 113-pages, c1950.

  14. How To Grow And Market Fruit. 145-pages, c1911.

  15. How To Keep Bees For Profit. 377-pages, illustrated, c1920.

  16. How To Make The Garden Pay. Fully illustrated, 325-pages, c1894.

  17. Modern Milk Goats. ‘Status of the milk goat industry, methods of profitable milk
          production, care and management of commercial herds and household goats.’ 295 pages,
          illustrated, c1921.

  18. Money In The Garden. ‘A vegetable manual prepared with a view to economy and
          profit.’ 278-pages, illustrated, c1906.

  19. Natural & Artificial Duck Culture.. 155-pages,
          illustrated, c1906.

  20. Nuts For Profit. ‘A treatise on the propagation and cultivation
          of nut-bearing trees.’ 159-pages, illustrated, c1897.

  21. Pear Culture For Profit. 147-pages, c1900.

  22. Poultry For Profit. Illustrated, 267 pages, c1915.

  23. Profitable Fruit Growing. 116-pages.

  24. Recipes For Preserving Fruit, Vegetables & Meat. 151-pages, illustrated, c1908.

  25. Rural Life. ‘Described and illustrated in the management of horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, pigs,
         poultry etc, including their treatment in health and disease.’ Illustrated, 1,166 pages, c1868.

  26. Rural Veterinary Secrets. ‘A farmers’ textbook for ready reference and the secret of
         successfully applying first aid and home remedies to ailing farm animals.’ Illustrated, 271-pages,

  27. Sturtevants Notes On Edible Plants. 701-pages, c1919.

  28. Ten Acres Enough. ‘A practical experience showing how a very small farm may be made to
         keep a very large family’. 264-pages, c1864.

  29. The Earth’s Bounty. Illustrated, 552-pages, c1909.

  30. The Farmstead. ‘The making of the rural home and the lay-out of the
          farm.’ Illustrated, 373-pages, 1902.

  31. The Golden Stream. ‘A handbook for the man who keeps cows for
          profit’ Illustrated, 68-pages, c1912.

  32. The Poultry Doctor. 'Including the homeopathic treatment and care
          of chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and singing birds.’ 89-pages, c1891.

  33. The Profitable Culture of Vegetables. ‘For market gardeners, smallholders and
         others.’ 480-pages, c1913.

  34. Water Power For The Farm & Country Home. Illustrated, 52-pages, c1911.

  35. A Living From The Land. 227-pages, illustrated, c1934. ‘Prepared primarily for the
         family that is inexperienced in country living and in soil culture.’

  36. How To Know Wild Fruits. ‘A guide to plants when not in flower by means of fruit and
         leaf. 395-pages, illustrated, c1905.

 Note to buyers. Although the underlying book material is now in the public domain due to their age,  much additional editing, cropping and deleting of erroneous or damaged material has also been carried out personally, making this book set a unique and a much improved offering. It is provided here at a particularly low cost, mainly to cover materials plus various associated overheads including fees.

 It is now presented in a convenient Adobe Reader form (.pdf files) suitable for all computer systems. This allows for all the really essential illustrations and photos to be shown as opposed to the text only versions often available. The Adobe reader itself is completely free to download from the Adobe web site, although it usually comes pre-installed as standard on most computers.

Overall, a great collection at a low price so Treat Yourself!

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